The website is the most valuable marketing tool for all types of businesses, both big and small. However, a badly designed website might not serve this purpose. Your website reflects the image of your organization. Visitors will associate the experience they have with the website with the stability and success of the organization itself. As a businessman serious about doing business, you should invest in a well-designed website that can achieve its purpose and goals. You might not be able to develop such a website on your own – you might want to hire a web design Brisbane expert to do it for you. When choosing a web designer, look out for the following things:

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  • Good experience in web designing
  • Knowledge of key principles in web design
  • Ability to provide accurate content
  • Superior problem solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Knowledge of your industry
  • Innovative mindset
  • Good interpersonal skills

So, how will a good web design add value to your business?

Navigation and usability

The most important part of a website is possibly navigation. Navigation can make or break the purpose of a website. This is particularly true for websites that are robust – those with numerous pages. Typically, navigation entails having list of labels and bars to differentiate pages of a website. In a well-designed website, navigation is easy. Visitors can easily travel through the website and find what they want. Navigation should be as simple as possible.


A great way of branding your company is by having your logo on print materials such as business cards, brochures and letterheads. You can enter your website into this category. A good web design will include a well visible company logo. This way, clients can quickly identify and associate with your brand.

SEO and reading patterns

Just like in reading a book, people begin to read a website from top to bottom. As such, a good web design Brisbane expert will place the most significant information at the top of the page. This will help to convey the message more effectively to your potential clients. Besides that, customers can easily find you in search engines when keywords are placed appropriately on your website. Therefore, a well-designed website will give you more visibility.


The content of a well-designed website does more than just branding and communication. A good web designer will make the content short and to the point, yet welcoming and warm. This will help readers to remember the message. In addition to looking cluttered, a web page with too much text draws away the interest of the reader. A professional web design Brisbane expert will streamline the content and possibly insert it into the design.

Building trust

Building trust with your customers is extremely important. However, trust can only be established when you know what your customers value most. Dialogue is a great way to discover their needs. A good web design, therefore, will incorporate dialogue platforms. Your clients can communicate with you directly from the website or through social media platforms given on the website. Trust will definitely be established when you improve communication with your clients.